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 Design Squad

Compete to solve fun engineering challenges.
 Kids Think Design

Projects inspire creativity!
A kid's design collaborative project.
(World of design: fashion, graphic, interior, book, project, 
film/theater, architecture, animation, environment)
3D Printing

  App Inventor

Learn to build Android Apps in hours.

Build engineering design challenges using household objects, with the help of scientists and engineers.  

Set up your free account.

Free repair manual to fix all kinds of things.  Just put what you want to fix in the search tool and directions will come up.

Sphero Chariot Challenge

Challenge:  You will work together as a team to learn about chariots as they were used throughout history. Your group will design and create a unique champion Sphero chariot to see whose chariot is the fastest. 

Supplies: paper, tape, cardboard, Knex, CDs, cups, felt, tin foil, Legos, large space on the floor for building the track

Step 1:  Your group will research a chariot.  Be sure to focus your research on the design and function of the chariots.

 Chariot Pathfinders:






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