School Counseling

Ms. Stept

757 825-4531

Students with the last name beginning with A-J

Mrs. Mann

757 825-4536

Students with the last name beginning with K-Z

Welcome to the School Counseling Department!

Professional School Counselors

Your school counselors provide counseling services to all students by your last name. Our offices are located in the main office. Once students receive a pass from their teacher, they can go to the right side of the office and check in with our school counseling secretary, Mrs. Hellman. At that time, they will sign in and the student will be sent down the hallway to our offices.

To schedule a conference with your student's teachers, please call Mrs. Hellman at 825-4529.

We look forward to serving your student at any time though out the school year on a variety of issues. These can be conflict mediation, scheduling, academic concerns or personal issues. We also provide classroom guidance lessons on pertinent topics throughout the year, see all students for "minute meetings" to get to know them and if there are any issues needing to be addressed further, and hold conferences about grades.

PowerSchool Online Student Course Registration Instructions.pdf

2020-21 Elective Registration will be available March 27th- April 3rd.

PowerSchool Online Course Registration.mp4

***Student portal will be open this Friday, March 27th, and close Friday April 3rd***.

Hello Students and Parents:

It's that time in the school year to start choosing your son/daughter's electives for the 2020-2021 school year.

Students will complete this task on their student portal. Directions on how to do this will be in the links below to include written instructions and a video to go along with it. The video link will be at the bottom of this email, and the instructions are attached to this email.

Rising 7th graders will have two semester electives in their 7th grade year, unless they are recommended for a year long class (Math Voyager, Reading and Writing Exploration, or Reading and Writing Discovery) or have Band, or Spanish 1 (credit class).

Rising 7th grade courses descriptions:

*Computer Applications - Learning computer concepts

*Make it Your Business - Learning about creating a small business

*Developing Me - focus on individual development, maintain personal environments, apply nutrition and wellness practices.

*Spanish 1 (High School Course) - Learning the Spanish language and culture

*Inventions and Innovations - Learning to invent new products

*Chorus - singing

*Band - playing an instrument

*Art - Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, etc

Rising 8th graders have one year long elective class.

Credit classes are Spanish 1, Spanish 2, and Business and Marketing.

Students might be recommended for Math Voyager, Reading and Writing Discovery or Reading and Writing Exploration.

Rising 8th grade course descriptions:

*Principles of Business and Marketing (High School Credit Course) - learning about creating a small business

*Spanish 1 and 2 (High School Credit Course) - learning the Spanish language and culture

-Spanish 1 required prior to Spanish 2 and C or better in LA class is suggested

*Technological Systems - Learning to invent new products

*Chorus - singing

*Band - playing an instrument

*Art 8 - Drawing, Sculpting, Painting, etc.

*Planning My Future - Prepares students for their roles in families, careers, and communities

Please remember, if the class is a credit class, please pick both A and B sections, and it will show 0.5 credits each. Also, please make sure you choose alternate classes, so we have some back up choices just in case class is full. In addition, selecting electives does not guarantee placement in the course.

Thank you and please feel free to reach out to your counselors by email, Naviance or google classroom, if you have any questions.

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