1435 Todds Lane, Hampton, Va 23666

757-825-4520 (Main Office) 

757-825-4533 (Fax)

Office Hours: 8:00 am- 4:00 pm

Students:  9:00 am-3:49 pm 

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year, Ms. Strother!

Drop Off/Pick Up

We need your help to improve the safety of our school for our students in the parking lot. There are signs that read "Do Not Enter". Please adhere to these signs. We do not want any  traffic coming through the parking lot lane closest to the building. Parents are asked to turn down the second row in the parking lot for student drop up and pick up. This will reduce the number of moving vehicles in the areas in which our students walk and stand in the mornings and afternoons.

Arrival and Departure

School doors open daily for students at 8:30am.  Please do not drop students off prior to this time.  Please use the parking lot on the side of the building to drop your students off.  All students will enter the building from the front entrance (facing Todds Lane).  

Dismissal is at 3:49pm daily.  During the first week of school please be prepared for an extended dismissal due to the arrival of buses and students learning their bus numbers.

Northampton Community Center is in the process of developing an after school program.  Until this is in place, no student will be allowed to go to the community center after dismissal.  Students should proceed home, to their designated vehicles if they are a parent pick up and proceed to walk home.  If you made any changes concerning transportation, please be aware it can take up to 72 hours before those changes take effect.

Learn about Google Apps to see what students have available to help them in the classroom and at home.  

Dress Code

Students are expected to follow the guidelines set forth in the Rights & Responsibilities Handbook for dress code. Administration has final ruling on fads. Please be aware of a few of the basics when you buy school clothing. Clothes may not have any violent or inappropriate messages. This includes weapons displayed, cigarette, alcohol or drug paraphernalia. Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length all the way around. Shirts should not display cleavage or midriffs. Tank tops are not permitted. Pants must be worn at the waist.  Please encourage your child to dress in layers. Students are not allowed to wear coats during the school day. They may wear hoodies (without the hoods on their heads while in the building) or other fleece-type jackets. If in doubt, please ask your child to take the garment to an administrator for clarification. Remind your child to take hats and other headwear off before entering the building. Students may carry their P.E. clothes in drawstring bags but may not use the drawstring bags as purses or bookbags during the school day.

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Greetings Bulldogs,

We are excited about the great things going on at Tarrant Middle School.  We are looking forward to the another great week of teaching and learning.

School doors open at 8:30am daily.  Please do not drop your students off prior to 8:30am.  Students should arrive to school prior to the start time of 9am. 


Parents/Guardians please ensure that your student reports to school everyday.  When a student misses school, they miss so much instruction and we miss them so much!  If a student must be absent for any reason please email the school the students absence not, send it with them when they return, or call the school and ask to speak with our attendance clerk.  Please send all attendance notes through the tarrant parent square address.  Please do not send any emails to Ms. Watson.


Students who did not complete their SRM testing last week will have an opportunity to do so tomorrow.

Please help us by ensuring your student is studying every night and coming to school every day.


Remediation is taking place during students' PE/Elective Blocks.  We will be starting our Saturday Success Academy in the next few weeks. More information is coming soon.  If your student needs remediation and is not receiving it don't hesitate to get in touch with your students teacher or grade level administrator.

Volleyball Playoffs

Please come support the Bulldogs as we take on Jones Jaguars tomorrow, February 26th.  Girls at 4:30 pm and Boys at 5:30pm.


Please be on the lookout for information concerning basketball from Coach Rochez (boys) and Coach Bowen (girls).

Continue to remind your students of the importance of being intentional about their school work.  

Lastly, they should come to school everyday with their chromebook fully charged and ready to learn.

Upcoming Events

Q2 CSA Celebration-February 26th

Progress Reports-February 29th

Early Release Day-March 1st


Mrs. Montgomery